In response to the increasing popularity of fly fishing for large carnivorous fish, TFO National Advisor Blane Chocklett designed the Esox series. Musky, barracuda, pike and roosterfish are big, mean, apex predators. Some offer sightcasting opportunities, while others require hours of painstaking blind casting. The Esox series was created knowing that success requires a powerful rod that can cast long distances, handle air-resistant flies and withstand extreme punishment. With the hardcore angler in mind, Blane designed these rods with actions and power to work monstersized “full chicken” flies (like his Gamechanger) on 300–500 grain sinking heads. Similar in action to our Mangrove series 10- and 12-weight rods, we extended the foregrip and added a rear grip to allow for increased leverage when picking up dense fly lines or when performing the musky-critical “figure 8”. The Esox series excels at delivering and working the huge flies necessary for getting predatory fish to eat and then it has the back bone to land them.