IM8 6' 4-piece 1-2 weight

Item Number: IM7SP612K
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Detailed Description

IM8 6' 4-piece 1-2 Blank - Matte Black Quick action! Yep - 1-2 weight! Fast, sensitive, short, and incredibly light - like an adolescent elf with an attitude toward brook trout. What a day when you can wrestle with a pan fish . . . . So sweet and perceptive it requires a gentle touch - we'll guarantee this puppy for a month and hope you're tender on the search for the spine. The kit comes with a gorgeous uplocking black aluminum seat with maple burl insert. This rests gently against a reverse well six inch grip. The dark edge of this blank is assisted with a single foot black guide set. Pick your own color for the thread as its not included. I vote for Black . . . . Tip top size 3.5, butt .27 and 0.6 oz weight