Fuji Exposed Blank ACS Trigger Reel Seats

Fuji Exposed Blank ACS Trigger Reel Seats
Item Number: ACSM
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16 - 113 (mm)
17 - 125 (mm)(+$1.26)
ID Inside Diameter 
Hood Color 
Price: Starting at $5.59

Detailed Description

ACS Reel Seats offer a very comfortable design with a unique modification that puts the angler in direct contact with the blank for ultimate feel and sensitivity. ACS seats also feature a slightly modified trigger position for added comfort and a notched trigger for weight reduction. This seat is sized to snugly fit a wide range of blanks with no arbors to further enhance the overall sensitivity. Blank and seat become a single unit and vibration is transmitted DIRECTLY to the angler through the bottom side of the blank.